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November 28, 2004



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Tomcat for sure uses thread pools that means the threads are precreated and stack are already allocated so that won't be a concern.


"I think you are mistaken about the thread’s stack - there is no reason for that memory to be part of the heap, hence it will not trigger any garbage collection."

But all objects needs some memory in heap. AFAIK in Java only references and primitives are stored on the stack.


Interesting comments on Tomcat scalebility - but interesting information would include details about the server hardware and access patterns of the applications. And, of course, an update. But we might believe that the bottleneck on a dual-opteron system is TCP overhead instead of Java/memory problems - thus it's great to hear of people's personal experiences. I'd love to see that post.

Cheers ----


I think you are mistaken about the thread’s stack - there is no reason for that memory to be part of the heap, hence it will not trigger any garbage collection.
Furthermore, my gut feeling tells me that the memory for the stack isn’t truly allocated – rather virtual address space is allotted, and pages are allocated as the need be (i.e. as the stack grows), so initially a stack would use no more than 4k/8k (assuming no large pages used on Solaris).

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